Reflective Traffic Cones for Enhanced Safety

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Reflective Traffic Cone


• Injection-molded cone, two step progress
• Two recesses on cone body to place reflective sheeting
• Made of durable and recyclable PVC.
• High visibility PVC material
• Optional to fit with high reflective sleeves
• Withstand heavy impact and vehicle drive-overs
• High resistance to color fading.
• Durable extreme high and low temperatures.
• Optional to factory colored cones, custom colors

High-Quality Construction:
Our reflective traffic cones are crafted from durable PVC material, ensuring longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions. With a height of 70cm/28" and a weight of 3.5KG/7.7LB, they offer stability and reliability in various settings.

Enhanced Visibility:
For added safety, our cones can be equipped with 1 or 2 optional grades and brands of reflective sheeting. This feature enhances visibility during low-light conditions, making them ideal for highways, driveways, and other areas where visibility is crucial.

Versatile Applications:
Our reflective traffic cones find wide application in general hazard areas, traffic control, and crowd flow control. They are suitable for use in parking lots, schools, warehouses, event venues, and more. Their bright orange body and black base ensure easy recognition and effectiveness.

Choose Ho Shing Traffic for top-quality reflective traffic cones that meet global standards. With our commitment to safety and customization, we provide OEM and ODM services to meet the specific requirements of importers, purchasers, distributors, and global buyers. Contact us now to discuss your needs and ensure maximum safety in your traffic management systems.


Material: PVC 
Height: 70cm/28"
Weight: 3.5KG/7.7LB 
Base: 37×37cm/14.8"×14.8"
Color: Bright orange body, black base
Reflective sheet: optional grades, brands
Pallet quantity: 342pcs 
*All weights and sizes are ±5% tolerance

Used for general hazard areas, traffic control and crowd flow control.  With 1 or 2 reflective sheeting to add visibility in the dark, suitable used on highway, on driveway, in parking lot, school, warehouse, event venue.

Run over 6 times by 3.5tons truck. you can see high flexibility to rebound back upright quickly.



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