Custom Mounting Bracket - Precision Design, Size: 4cm x 13cm

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mounting bracket


HS-705-1 mounting bracket

Crafting Precision: The Custom Mounting Bracket Artisans

In the realm of tailored solutions, our role as custom mounting bracket artisans is dedicated to crafting precision. With an unwavering commitment to exact specifications and reliability, our custom mounting brackets become the specialized components, ensuring a perfect fit for unique fixtures and equipment.


Tailored Stability: The Essence of Custom Mounting Brackets

As a pivotal force in customized structural solutions, our custom mounting brackets play a vital role in providing tailored stability. Crafted to fit seamlessly, our products symbolize precision and trust. With an unyielding dedication to excellence, we elevate the standards of customized support solutions, offering a reliable tool for clients seeking a perfect fit for their unique applications.


Innovation in Uniqueness: Custom Mounting Brackets as Specialized Allies

Pioneering innovation in uniqueness, our custom mounting brackets represent the perfect blend of bespoke design and unwavering assurance. With a touch of ingenuity, we redefine the boundaries of custom solutions, ensuring that each custom mounting bracket becomes a testament to our commitment as leading artisans in providing tailored structural support.


Mounting backet, mounting panel bascket, mounting warning light parts
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Products are made in Taiwan 


Material: metal 
Size: 4cm x 13cm 
Finish: Zin plated.  



Used to secure and mount the devices on the wall or on the surface of any articles.  We apply this parts to secure signage in place or mount warning light box on walls or our standalon / portable strobe lights.  

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