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Personal protective equipment

Ho Shing is a personal protective equipment manufacturer and back support belt supplier. All polarised safety glasses are produced under strict standards.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes hard hats, safety shoes, earplugs and earmuffs, gloves, eye protection, face masks, respirators, face shields, vests, coverall, knee pad and protective goggle. Those are used to protect heads, ears, eyes, hands bodies for minimizing exposure to hazards that might cause serious injuries and illness at workplaces. 

In addition, lifesaving equipment of body harness, fall safety net, fall arrest lanyards to save from falling, or lift jacket and son on are also in the demand of work safety. 

Employer needs to require employees to put on safety devices during working times when they work in environment where could cause them injuries. What safety protection is required is checked by occupational regulations and work environment. 

Do not feel troublesome to wear protective products and lifesaving products. These devices are designed and needed for safety.

Ho Shing is a personal protective equipment manufacturer and back support belt supplier established in 2004, makes efforts in development of polarised safety glasses.