Professional Warning Lamp and Strobe Light Manufacturer

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Strobe light

Ho Shing is a strobe light manufacturer, established in 1987, makes efforts in research and development of warning lamp. Our products are including LED dual strobe warning light, solar strobe warning light, strobe warning light quad colors.

Strobe light stand is strobe light or warning light mounted on a pole mounted. This device was designed to have a walking lamp pole, let warning light portable. 

This warning light stand equip one or two storage batteries, it has solar power type or battery power type. 

In light of convenient power recharge and portable, it is commonly to use alongside traffic cones, bollards and barricades for added illumination. It can be a good tool to light on your garden or house, or outdoor event avenue at nights.

Ho Shing is a strobe light manufacturer who has concentrated on continuous improvement in warning lamp quality.