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LED dual strobe warning light


• Battery charged
• Metal base case fitting a storage battery
• Square LED recessed strobe flash dual red and blue
• Mounted pole in bright color
• Portable to move around

Lighting the Path to Safety: Premier LED Warning Light Suppliers

In the realm of safety illumination, the choice of LED warning lights is crucial. As your premier LED warning light suppliers, we stand committed to providing top-notch solutions that enhance visibility and communication in various environments.


Illuminating Safety: The Essence of Our LED Warning Lights

Our LED warning lights are not just sources of light; they are beacons of safety. Crafted with cutting-edge LED technology, these lights offer unparalleled brightness and energy efficiency. Whether it's for vehicles, construction sites, or industrial facilities, our LED warning lights are designed to be reliable guardians of safety.


Diverse Solutions for Varied Needs: Tailored LED Warning Lights

Recognizing the diverse requirements of different industries, our range of LED warning lights offers tailored solutions. From compact and portable options to rugged lights built for challenging environments, we supply a variety of LED warning lights to suit your unique needs.


A Collaborative Approach to Safety: Beyond Products, We Provide Solutions

Choosing us as your LED warning light suppliers means more than acquiring lights; it's a commitment to a collaborative approach in safety. Our team is dedicated to understanding your specific requirements and offering guidance on the optimal use of LED warning lights.



Overall Height: 120cm 
Light type: LED strobe light-red / Blue
Storage battery: 110/220V, 8 charge hours 
Hours to run: 50hours per charge
Base case: metal 
Pole: steel, powder coating black and yellow 


In dangerous areas or full of heavy equipment areas, on crossroads, around construction site, around accident sites, work zones, blind roads and etc.  For any case which needs to warning people at night or in the dark.

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