Innovative Traffic Dummy Solutions for Effective Safety Training

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-419-Electric Dummy


• Assemble human shape, big enough for great warning.
• Adjust height from 130cm to 170cm
• No need on-site installation per usage, only one time dummy assembly.
• Equip strobe warning lights for high visibility in the darkness
• Covering bright color rain coat
• Wearing high visible safety vest
• Wheeled steel stand

Enhancing Road Safety: The Role of Traffic Dummy

In the pursuit of effective road safety measures, the use of traffic dummies plays a pivotal role. As a dedicated manufacturer of safety solutions, we recognize the importance of these simulated figures in creating awareness, enhancing training scenarios, and improving overall safety on the roads.


Realism in Training: The Purpose of Traffic Dummy

Traffic dummy serve as invaluable tools for training and education in various settings, from driving schools to emergency response drills. Our commitment as a safety solution provider is reflected in the design and manufacturing of realistic traffic dummies.


Versatility in Applications: Traffic Dummies in Action

Our traffic dummies are designed for versatility, finding applications in diverse settings. From construction zones to traffic management planning, these dummies provide a visual representation of potential hazards, assisting in the development of effective safety measures.


Precision Engineering for Impact: Manufacturing Quality Traffic Dummy

As a manufacturer specializing in safety solutions, our traffic dummies are crafted with precision engineering. Using high-quality materials and realistic designs, we ensure that our dummies accurately simulate human figures.


Electric flagger, automatic flagger, electric dummy, and electric robots, are concept products of equipping flags, lights, LED, sings on one device and run 24 hours every day. It also could remote control devices to let flagger people risk free in the working.  

Our electric dummy is assemble to a construction worker, equipping with bright hard hat, strobe warning lights, high visible safety vest, bright rain coat. It is economically design to have 24-7 awareness on sites. 


Material: Aluminum head, steel frame / bottom
Accessory: 1pc hard head/yellow, 1pc rain coat, 1pc Baton / red,
2pcs warning light /red, 1pc flag/red 
Rechargeable Battery: 12V lead-acid battery
Voltage: 220V / 110V dual 
Overall size: W30 x L45cm x H176cm



Purposed to warn the hazard ahead in dangerous area and need to run 24 hours warning. Widely used for construction sites, road maintenance sites, work zones.

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