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HS-717-Self-retracting lifeline


• Withstand high fall impact
• High corrosion resistance from SS and aluminum alloy components
• Compact Lightweight design
• Easy and quick to retract
• Fall indicator on swivel hook, easy to check safety line
• Wire rope connect to swivel hook, not twist

Securing Heights: The Retractable Life Line Manufacturer's Legacy

In the realm of fall protection, our role as a retractable life line manufacturer stands as a testament to the commitment of securing heights. With a dedicated focus on precision and reliability, our retractable life lines become the unobtrusive yet indispensable guardians for those working at elevated levels.


Navigating Vertical Challenges: The Essence of Fall Protection

As a pivotal force in fall protection, our retractable life lines serve as the lifeline that navigates vertical challenges with unparalleled assurance. Woven into the very fabric of safety systems, our products symbolize resilience and trust. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we elevate the standards of fall protection, ensuring a secure environment for those working at heights.


Innovation and Reliability Suspended: Retractable Life Lines as Lifesavers

Pioneering innovation and reliability, our retractable life lines represent the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and unwavering assurance. With a touch of ingenuity, we redefine the boundaries of fall protection, ensuring that each retractable life line becomes a testament to our commitment as a leading manufacturer in the realm of elevated safety.


Self-retracting lifelines (SRL) are designed using webbing, wire rope, or a cable that automatically retracts into a housing unit.

Specification: Housing: High impact resistant plastic 
Lifeline material: Ø 4.8mm wire rope, Galvanized steel 
Lifeline length: 6m(20ft), 10m(30ft) , 12m(40ft)
Oversize: 255x206x93mm (10×8.1×3.6-in)


Ideal used for fall protection while working at height in factories, construction sites, skyscrapers and any high-altitude works.


Custom length, width,
Fall protection lanyard
Fall arrest lanyard, safety lanyard is a set length of rope, webbing, or wire rope.


A fall protection lanyard (or safety lanyard) is a set length of rope, webbing, or wire rope. Designs often incorporate an internal or external shock absorbing feature. Shock-absorbing lanyards are a bit more versatile and can be used for purposes such as fall arrest, work positioning, or restraint. Non-shock absorbing lanyards can be used for restraint only. Safety lanyards are connected to a fixed anchor point, which can limit the wearer’s work radius. They tend to be less expensive than SRLs, so for smaller jobs or for the budget-conscious manager, they may be a good choice.

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