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Two piece traffic cone

Among the globe PVC traffic cone manufacturers, Ho Shing commits to provide the best custom traffic cones and PVC traffic cone under strict standards.

Traffic cone with black base also call it two-piece cone, black base cone.
The upper part of the cone and the cone base are made of two different materials.
The base is most commonly used black color. 

Our two-piece traffic cones are joined together by molding-injection.
With special interlocking design, both the cone upper and base are firmly joined together.
Black base is most often made of recycled material. Our black base is made of recycled PVC, the cone body is made of PVC or PE.
Black base traffic cones are typically made heavier to increase the durability and stablization. 

Our cones are durable and flexible to car impact and run over, high UV-resistant, no deformation at low and high temperature between -18℃and 86℃.
Our cones also do not contain any hazardous substances according to REACH. 

Choosing between 2-piece and one-piece traffic cones depends on the specific needs of the project, budget considerations, and the desired level of convenience and customization required for effective traffic control.

Ho Shing is the leading PVC traffic cone manufacturers, and custom traffic cones and PVC traffic cone that are manufactured under strict standards.