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Road reflector

Ho Shing is a solar road stud manufacturer for more than 20 years producing a wide range of high quality reflective road stud.

Road studs, cat's eyes, pavement studs, reflective pavements, reflective studs, and raised pavement markers, are the objects installed on the pavements and most commonly reflect the light of traffic in order to make the road visible to drivers. 

The studs reflect the light to make the driver observe the curves and corners of the road. In the night times, the driver is difficult to judge curves, ends and corners of the road, for the purpose of helping the driver judges the road delineation, road stud is very effective and economic solution. 

Road markers, road reflectors, reflective barrier marker, PVC reflective panel and reflective markers, usually mean for articles with reflective sheeting or reflect material that is adhered or installed on the roadsides, guardrails, delineators, barriers. 

These reflectors usually made of aluminum and plastic, Aluminum is more durable and long lasting in use.  Plastic is less price and lightweight. In some places, colors mean different things and purposes like white for lane line, yellow for opposite lane. 

The LED stud comes in another choice and becomes getting common.  It has a charger with solar power and emits the light. So, it is more visible than any other type of reflector.

Ho Shing is a professional solar road stud manufacturer built up by a group of expert engineers and management of reflective road stud.