Linear Delineation Panels - Precision for Enhanced Road Safety

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Aluminum reflective panel


• Low-cost and effective safety improvement
• Fast and easy to install
• Crimped design to increase high visibility and wide angularity
• High visibility and reflectiveness from dawn to dusk, to night.
• Guide drivers blind roads, curving and road edges.
• High quality aluminum to endures years utilization

Guiding Paths: The Linear Delineation Panel Specialist's Pledge

In the realm of traffic management and guidance, our role as a linear delineation panel specialist is dedicated to guiding paths. With an unwavering commitment to precision and reliability, our linear delineation panels become the unassuming yet crucial components, ensuring clear and effective delineation for various traffic and safety applications.


Defining Pathways: The Essence of Linear Delineation Panels

As a pivotal force in traffic safety measures, our linear delineation panels play a vital role in defining pathways. Installed seamlessly, our products symbolize resilience and trust. With an unyielding dedication to excellence, we elevate the standards of safety solutions, providing a reliable tool for transportation authorities and organizations seeking to enhance road delineation and guidance.


Innovation and Precision: Linear Delineation Panels as Pathway Allies

Pioneering innovation and precision, our linear delineation panels represent the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and unwavering assurance. With a touch of ingenuity, we redefine the boundaries of safety solutions, ensuring that each linear delineation panel becomes a testament to our commitment as a leading specialist in the realm of guiding paths.


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Material: Aluminum, 0.5mm thickness
Size: 88.5L x 15W cm 
Colors of sheeting: Yellow, Orange, or other options. 

Reflective sheeting: 3M high intensity grade
Available to customize sizes to suit different applications, but quantities are requested. 



Used for temporary application like construction sites, work zones to guide lane changes, for permanent application like using on bridge parapet walls, road rails, barricades and etc to guide approaching through and curves

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