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HS-426-PVC wheel chock


• Made of PVC
• High durable construction to secure tires in place
• Ribbed design to enforce tire grip
• Heavy duty suitable for trucks, trailers and other vehicles.
• built-in handle for easy placement and carry
• built-in handle for easy placement and carry

Securing Stability: The Plastic Chock Specialist's Dedication

In the domain of vehicle safety and stability, our role as a plastic chock specialist is dedicated to securing stability. With an unwavering commitment to precision and reliability, our plastic chocks become the unassuming yet essential tools, ensuring the stability and safety of parked vehicles in various settings.


Ensuring Firm Anchoring: The Essence of Plastic Chocks

As a pivotal force in vehicle safety, our plastic chocks play a crucial role in ensuring firm anchoring. Placed seamlessly under wheels, our products symbolize resilience and trust. With an unyielding dedication to excellence, we elevate the standards of safety solutions, providing a reliable tool for individuals and businesses seeking to prevent unintended movements and enhance safety protocols.


Innovation and Durability: Plastic Chocks as Safety Anchors

Pioneering innovation and durability, our plastic chocks represent the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and unwavering assurance. With a touch of ingenuity, we redefine the boundaries of safety solutions, ensuring that each plastic chock becomes a testament to our commitment as a leading specialist in the realm of securing stability.


Wheel chock, chock, tire chock, wedge, heavy duty wedge

Used in any case of preventing vehicle wheel’s accidental and unintentional movement, using one chock per tire is suggested. 


Material: PVC 
Weight: 3.0kg 
Size: W14 x H19 x L25.7cm 
Package: 6pcs / PP woven bag

wheel chock is run over by 3.5tons truck.



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