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Traffic safety equipment

Ho Shing is the leading traffic sign manufacturer to offer customers the best quality and service for our traffic safety equipment.

Traffic safety equipment is made to warn the dangers ahead and close off entering dangerous areas.  Traffic safety equipment includes a wide range of applications and choices to meet the safety requirements, such as traffic cones, delineators, barricades, warning lights, safety apparels, bumpers, road reflectors, warning sign and signals. 

Heavy loads of traffic and frequent quarrels and injuries over traffic accidents, let traffic safety and traffic control devices are highly regarded everywhere.  There are detailed and sophisticated rules and guidance made by local governments for specifications and applications.  We could customize products according to local rules.  

Over decades of growth, our product lines have included a wide variation of safety products like barricades, barrels, fences, convex mirrors, flaggers, traffic signs, LED lights, flashlights, and more. The trends of traffic safety or traffic control are for automatic and digital devices, like remote traffic lights, computerized sensors and monitors. Ho Shing is also put our way in this direction.

Our traffic safety products come with a various choices of styles, sizes and materials. We offer products with high performance in very competitive prices. You can contact us for more details about products and prices.

As a traffic sign manufacturer, Ho Shing dedicated itselves to provide high-quality traffic safety equipment for our clients.