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HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Workplace safety equipment

With more than 17 years of workplace safety equipment experience, Ho Shing is the best face shield supplier and work glove manufacturer supplying to world.

Workplace safety equipment protects the wearer or users from injuries at works. Most often, it comes in the form of wearable equipment such as hard hats, reflective vest and clothing, life saving gears, work gloves, ear muffs, face shields, safety glasses, safety goggles, knee pads and more.  it is summed to call Personal protective equipment PPE.  

Except for wearable safety products, some tools and gadgets are used to help workers less likely to cause injuries such as safety nests, warning signs, barriers and traffic cones.  

Ho Shing is expanding to fulfill the range of this category.  More and more new wearable products will be included.

As a face shield supplier and work glove manufacturer, Ho Shing has been involved in the industrial field of workplace safety equipment with visor for more than 17 years.