Professional Stainless Steel and Arcylic Convex Mirror Supplier

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Convex mirror

As a convex mirror supplier, Ho Shing dedicated itselves to provide high-quality acrylic convex mirror and stainless steel convex mirror for our clients.

There are options of Glass, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Steel and Stainless Steel for mirror faces or mirror lens. However, considering of clear reflectiveness and impact resistant, Stainless steel and Polycarbonate are most often recommended.  

Stainless steel can provide clear image reflection and unbreakable. Mostly important, it will not corrode making it to be first option as a traffic mirror. 

PC can reflect very clear image and unbreakable. But it easily gets scratches.  Therefore, it is ideal for indoor high security areas like hospitals, shops and warehouse.   

We can make convex mirrors in round shape and square shape. Round mirrors are our most available other than square convex mirrors. 
How to decide convex mirrors? 
For outdoors, a mirror needs to be robust and durable to withstand harsh environments. When looking around angle is wide, the corner is big, over 2 lanes, and intersection is far and wide, you can select big size convex mirror with stainless steel face and stainless steel mirror back. 
For indoors, small convex with PC face and Galvanized iron (GI) plates back is usually used.

Ho Shing is a convex mirror supplier for more than 20 years producing a wide range of high quality acrylic convex mirror and stainless steel convex mirror.