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HS-800PC-Convex mirror


• Convex type mirror, a wide field of vision
• PC mirror face, PP backboard
• Bright orange PVC frame
• UV resistant
• Durable to withstand bad weather
• High impact and shock resistance
• Pole mount / wall mount
• Low maintenance

Polycarbonate Convex Mirror: A Vision of Durability and Safety

As a prominent supplier of these resilient mirrors, our commitment to providing robust and effective solutions is etched into every facet of the Polycarbonate Convex Mirror, a testament to its enduring impact in diverse environments.


Unyielding Strength in Reflection

Crafted from the robust material of polycarbonate, our convex mirrors redefine expectations in terms of strength and longevity. The Polycarbonate Convex Mirror becomes an unyielding guardian, capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions and potential impacts.


Innovative Clarity: Polycarbonate's Visionary Advantage

Beyond its durability, the Polycarbonate Convex Mirror introduces an innovative clarity that sets it apart in the reflective landscape. The material's optical precision ensures that reflections are sharp, distortion-free, and provide a clear vision of surroundings.


Convex mirror is also known for road convex mirror, Road safety mirror, traffic safety mirror, traffic mirror, road mirror, safety mirror, security mirror. 
This is suitable for outdoor. Made in Taiwan


Mirror face: PC (POLYCARBONATE), Diameter Ø800mm, Radius R3000m/m
Backboard: Galvanized steel 
Retaining rim: PVC
*Not include installation accessories, but optional to buy
*PDF data sheet available



Designed for indoor purpose, suitable for supermarket, convenience store, warehouse, blink spots in the warehouse or in factory, security guard, garage and where needs surveillance at economic budget.


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