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HS-8060SS-Square convex mirror


• Convex type mirror, a wide field of vision
• Square mirror
• Bright orange PVC frame
• UV resistant
• Durable to withstand bad weather
• High impact and shock resistance
• Pole mount / wall mount
• Low maintenance

Square Convex Mirror: Redefining Perspectives with Geometric Precision

In the realm of reflective innovation, the Square Convex Mirror emerges as a symbol of geometric precision and functional elegance. As a leading provider of these unique mirrors, our commitment to reshaping perspectives is evident in every square inch.


Geometric Harmony in Safety

The Square Convex Mirror, an embodiment of geometric harmony, takes center stage in elevating safety standards across diverse environments. Unlike its circular counterparts, the square design introduces a fresh aesthetic while maintaining the essential convex curvature for optimal reflection.


Innovation Beyond Circles: The Square Advantage

In the landscape of convex mirrors, our commitment to innovation extends beyond the circular norm. The Square Convex Mirror, a testament to our dedication to pushing boundaries, serves as a versatile and stylish alternative.


Convex mirror is also known for road convex mirror, Road safety mirror, traffic safety mirror, traffic mirror, road mirror, safety mirror, security mirror. 
This is suitable for outdoor. Made in Taiwan


Mirror face: SS 304, square 800x600mm, Radius R3000m/m
Backboard: Galvanized steel
Retaining rim: PVC 
*Not include installation accessories, but optional to buy
*PDF data sheet available



Idea for indoor usage for surveillance, security and workplace safety, used in internal parking lot, supermarkets, warehouses, security work zones, entrance halls, blind spots in facilities, intersections in corridors.


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