Premier Convex Mirror Manufacturer for Safety Solutions

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-600SS-Convex mirror


• Convex type mirror, a wide field of vision
• Bright orange PVC frame
• UV resistant
• Durable to withstand bad weather
• High impact and shock resistance
• Pole mount / wall mount
• Low maintenance

Reflecting Safety: Your Premier Convex Mirror Manufacturer

In the pursuit of enhanced safety and security, convex mirrors play a vital role in providing clear and expanded visibility. As your trusted convex mirror manufacturer, we take pride in delivering high-quality solutions that go beyond reflection.


Clarity in Reflection: The Essence of Our Convex Mirrors

As your chosen convex mirror manufacturer, we prioritize excellence, ensuring that our mirrors meet and exceed industry standards for performance and durability.


Precision in Design: Craftsmanship in Convex Mirror Production

As a convex mirror manufacturer specializing in safety solutions, our products undergo meticulous design and engineering. From durable construction to optimal curvature for clear reflection, our convex mirrors are crafted to provide superior performance.


Convex mirror is also known for road convex mirror, Road safety mirror, traffic safety mirror, traffic mirror, road mirror, safety mirror, security mirror. 
This is suitable for outdoor. Made in Taiwan 


Mirror face: SS 304, thickness 0.6mm, Diameter Ø600mm, Radius R2200m/m
Backboard: Options of Galvanized steel / 0.8mm and SS 430 / 0.7mm 
Retaining rim: PVC 
*Not include installation accessories, but optional to buy
*PDF data sheet available



Using convex mirror to increase the field of view, let road users to see further and more, ideal for using at blind corners, sharp bends of driveways and road intersections, a security entry and exit, lanes and any purposes to let you to see vehicles coming.

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