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Traffic cone

With more than 17 years of road traffic cones experience, we are the best traffic cone supplier and safety cone manufacturer supplying to all over the world. We have three categories including one piece traffic cone, two piece traffic cone, cone accessories.

Traffic cones, also known as road cones, safety cones, construction cones, traffic pylons, barrier cones, barricade cones, delineator cones and highway cones, channelizing cone or channelizing devices and etc., could come in many shapes and sizes.  As a safety device, it is designed to be lightweight and portable, and with a very reasonable price. So it can be found almost anywhere like construction sites, busy streets, hallways, parking lots, schools, indoor and outdoor facilities. A traffic cone is the most commonly to use in situations which need to warn dangers and enclose dangerous areas for protection. 

Traffic cone is used to provide advance warning of safety hazards and redirect traffic, so that as a caution device, high visibility to draw attention is very important. Bright orange / florescent orange is the most typical color to see. In order to make the cone more visible in the low light, the cone is usually to add reflective pigment, adhere to reflective collars, glow strips and to equip reflectors and LED lights.

Sizes and weights are determined by functions and locations such as larger cones suit for highways or construction sites, smaller cones suit for events or households.  More and more people like to buy colored cones to present the purposes of events like black in funeral, pink at party, white in valet parking. 

When purchasing traffic cones, it is important to be informed of safety standards in your areas so that you can buy proper cones to meet regulations.  For more details about traffic cones, you can read this article how to choose traffi cones

If you want to display messages, logos, symbols and markings on the cones, we can make them upon request.

As a traffic cone supplier and safety cone manufacturer, Ho Shing has been involved in the industrial field of construction road traffic cones for more than 17 years.