HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Professional Delineator Cone, Channelizer and Bollard Supplier

Ho Shing is a professional bollard supplier. Our various delineator cone and channelizer have been provided to world since 2004.

Delineator posts also are called delineators, bollards, tubular delineator, delineator tubes, and channelizers, Channelizing Markers, tubular markers, delineator cones. 

It comes to variable sizes and colors, also has many material options. We have PVC T-top bollard, PU delineator post, EVA delineator post, reboundable delineator post and PE delineator post. 

It could be a temporary or permanently fixed use. Our T-top bollard is portable type with a removable base. 

Our delineators are durable for car hit and impact, not easily crack and break. High resistant to color fading, conformed to REACH compliance.

Ho Shing is a Taiwan professional bollard supplier focusing on design, development and production. Such as delineator cone and channelizer.