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HS-414-Reboundable delineator post

HS-414-Reboundable delineator post


• Injection molded , surface-mounted
• Made of high quality PU
• High resistance to high speed car hits and run-overs
• Quickly rebound to upright position.
• UV-resistant, cold-resistant and heat resistant
• Bolt down base to ground.
• High visible reflective bands
• Custom color, text, logo are available.

Delineator post / delineator / bollard / channelizer / channelizing post 
Our post can be completely recovery after being hit or driven over by vehicles. 

Material: PU
Dimension: H76 x Ø11 cm, base Ø 25cm 
Package: 10pcs / ctn, 79x81.5x44.5cm
*Mounting hardware not included
*Other material is optional, like EVA

Used for helping drivers to identify lane boundary, road curves, road edges, road blinds, road turning and so on for channelizing traffic safety. 
Also used as a barrier device, in parking lot, pedestrian areas, biking lanes, bridges, and around buildings to define areas and perimeters for control and prevention.

Hitting test on delineator post of PE vs PU.

PU post shows high flexibility to rebound back upright quickly.



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