Expandable Metal Barricades for Secure Perimeter Solutions

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-609-Expandable metal barricade



• High durable steel
• Wheeled to move around
• Brakes to lock wheels in position
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor
• Structural design to quickly expand and fold
• High quality powder coating

Expanding Safety Horizons: The Versatility of Expandable Metal Barricades

In the realm of crowd control and site safety, the expandable metal barricade emerges as a versatile and efficient solution. As dedicated manufacturers committed to enhancing public safety, we recognize the pivotal role played by expandable metal barricades in managing crowds and delineating secure zones.


Dynamic Crowd Management: Unveiling the Expandable Metal Barricade Advantage

The expandable metal barricade is a testament to innovation in crowd control. Beyond the static limitations of traditional barriers, these barricades offer a dynamic and adaptable solution for various environments.


Crafting Security with Durability: The Engineering Behind Expandable Metal Barricades

Durability is a non-negotiable aspect of any barricade system. Our expandable metal barricades are crafted with precision engineering and robust materials, ensuring they withstand the rigors of frequent use and diverse environmental conditions.


Adapting to Every Scenario: Expandable Metal Barricades in Action

Whether it's controlling access to a construction site, managing queues at an event, or enhancing safety in public spaces, the adaptability of expandable metal barricades shines through. These barricades can be expanded or contracted as needed, allowing for seamless integration into various settings.


Expandable metal gate, Folding security gate, Traffic safety barrier fence
Our expandable barricade is both used for indoor and outdoor usage. 
Custom dimensions are welcome. 


Material: Iron steel, round tube / square tube
Finish: Powder coating 
Collapsed width: 70CM 
Expanded width: 800CM
Height: 180CM
Wheel: 6pcs of 4” locking wheel 



Widely used for construction sites, traffic guidance, crowd events, garages, parking lots, warehouses, work zones.

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