Channelizer Drum Solutions for Traffic Control and Safety

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-408-Channelizer drum


• High quality PE
• With reflective band to add visibility
• Bright fluorescent orange
• Stabilization on base
• Resistance to bad weather
• UV inhibitors to minimize color fading
• Stably standing up on uneven surfaces

Channelizer Drum: Navigating Road Safety with Precision

In the orchestration of road safety, the channelizer drum takes center stage, guiding and directing traffic with precision. As dedicated manufacturers of traffic safety equipment, we recognize the vital role played by the channelizer drum in enhancing roadway safety.


Dynamic Traffic Guidance: The Purpose of the Channelizer Drum

The channelizer drum is more than just a static barrier; it's a dynamic tool designed to channelize traffic flow effectively. Our commitment as manufacturers is evident in the meticulous design and construction of each channelizer drum.


Versatility in Design: Tailoring Channelizer Drums for Every Scenario

Recognizing the diversity of traffic management scenarios, our range of channelizer drums is crafted with versatility in mind. Whether it's a temporary construction site or a long-term road project, our drums are designed to adapt.


Channelizer drums also known as safety drums, safety barrel, highway barrel, road drum, or drum barricade


Material: PE
Base diameter:62cm
Color: Bright orange
Reflective sheet : 15cm H, 
Optional to colors and material grades



Idea for indicating drivers and pedestrians to get away from construction, potholes, accidents, traffic jams and  used in situations for protection such in workzone, building perimeter.

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