Durable Barricade Boards

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HS-604-Barricade board


• The board contains the messages graphic and reflective sheeting
• Strong construction of shape A upright frame and base stand.
• Sizes and colors are custom for a large quantity
• Optional to install one side or two sides of boards.
• Constructed from high impact blow
• Can assemble types of 1pc, 2pcs, 3pcs board
• Durability and rigidity
• Resistant to color fading
• Bright and clear ink printing
• Hi visible reflective sticker

Introducing our top-selling product - the Barricade Boards! Designed with durability and rigidity in mind, our barricade boards is the perfect solution for all your traffic control and construction zone needs.

Our board boasts a strong construction with shape A upright frame and base stand, and can be made with either aluminum, galvanized steel or high impact PP, with a thickness of 2mm or 3mm. The board contains messages that are both graphic and reflective, ensuring high visibility in low light conditions.

To cater to different needs, we offer custom sizes and colors for large quantity orders. You can choose to have the board installed on one side or both sides, and we also offer various assembly types including 1pc, 2pcs, and 3pcs board.

Our product is resistant to color fading and features bright and clear ink printing for maximum readability. Additionally, it is equipped with hi-visible reflective stickers that meet 3M engineering or diamond grade standards.

With the Barricade Boards, you can be sure that your construction zone, pothole, accident or traffic jam is clearly marked and visible to drivers and pedestrians. The board is also compliant with local regulatory rules and can be made to meet applicable styles.

Overall, our Barricade Boards is an ideal solution for situations that require protection, such as work zones and building perimeters. Order yours today and experience the superior quality and durability of our product!

Overall size: 120x120cm, 90x90cm(standing)
Board option: Aluminum / Galvanized steel / high impact PP, 2mm or 3mm thickness 
Board size: 120x50, 120x20cm / 90x50, 90x20cm 
Leg: galvanized iron
Reflective band: 3M engineering or diamond grade 
Content on board: as requirements 

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