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HS-301-Barricade tape


• Made of polyethylene
• Heavy duty tape
• High quality and high color resistance inks.
• Available many messages like Stripes Caution, Attention, Danger
• Can customize the messages on tapes

Securing Spaces: Your Trusted Barricade Tape Supplier

When it comes to establishing safe perimeters and effectively communicating hazards, choosing the right barricade tape is paramount. As your dedicated barricade tape supplier, we take pride in providing high-quality solutions designed to meet the stringent demands of various industries.


Reliability in Every Strand: The Essence of Our Barricade Tape Supply

As your chosen barricade tape supplier, we understand that reliability is non-negotiable. Our tape is not just a visual marker; it's a statement of commitment to safety. Crafted from durable materials, our barricade tape withstands the elements and serves as a clear and effective warning.


Tailoring Solutions for Your Needs: Diverse Barricade Tapes Available

Recognizing the diverse requirements of different industries, our range of barricade tapes offers tailored solutions. From high-visibility options for low-light conditions to tapes with specific hazard warnings, we supply a variety of tapes to suit your unique needs.


Beyond Supply: A Partnership in Safety

Our team is dedicated to providing guidance on the optimal use of barricade tape, ensuring that it becomes an integral part of your safety protocols. Secure your spaces with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable partner in us – your go-to barricade tape supplier.


Fitting on barricades or other articles to stop entrance or display messages in hazardous areas.  
Sizes, colors and message printing are various.  


Material: Polyethylene(PE)
Size: W6” x L70M, W8” x L200M 
Thickness: 0.075mm
Number of printed : 1 side 
Color: red on yellow / black on yellow 



Temporarily use to enclose an area for restricting entry, Ideal for both indoor and temporary outdoor usage. A variety of safety messages are available to cater to different work situations.

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