Barricade Tape Supplier

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Barricade tape


• Made of polyethylene
• Heavy duty tape
• High quality and high color resistance inks.
• Available many messages like Stripes Caution, Attention, Danger
• Can customize the messages on tapes

Barricade Tape Supplier

Fitting on barricades or other articles to stop entrance or display messages in hazardous areas.  
Sizes, colors and message printing are various.  


Material: Polyethylene(PE)
Size: W6” x L70M, W8” x L200M 
Thickness: 0.075mm
Number of printed : 1 side 
Color: red on yellow / black on yellow 



Temporarily use to enclose an area for restricting entry, Ideal for both indoor and temporary outdoor usage. A variety of safety messages are available to cater to different work situations.

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