Professional Retractable Stanchion and Barricade Manufacturers

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Barricade / Barrier

Ho Shing is a Taiwan professional barricade / barrier supplier focusing on design, development and production. Such as retractable stanchion and plastic jersey barrier.

Barriers, also know known for barricades, are a very important safety control device.  It can be used at anywhere which needs to block a dangerous area, to stop entrance and to redirect traffic. 

Barrier category comes in many choices of types and materials, it could be anything which is an obstacle to block and warn people.  New jersey barriers, traffic cones, delineators, fencings, concrete blocks, and steel guardrails are all included in this category.

For school, event sites, work zones where is driven on slow speed, you can choose temporary barriers like traffic cones, metal barriers, plastic drums.
For roadways, highways, where is driven on high speed, you can choose a concrete-filled barricade, water-fill barricade, metal guardrail. 

Barricades, steel barriers, metal barrier, steel frames, bar fence, rope barrier (stanchion), are all known for barricades. We have  jersey barricade , channelizer drum , barricade board , expandable metal barricade , retractable stanchion , barricade tape , pennant warning flag .

Barricades require high visibility, usually they go with reflective bands, warning lights.   If you need a barricade for personal use in small area, you can choose cones, bollards, drums.

Ho Shing is a barricade supplier. All retractable stanchion and plastic jersey barrier are produced under strict standards of quality control.