HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Professional Construction Traffic Cones and Safety Cone Supplier

As a safety cone supplier, Ho Shing has been involved in the industrial field of construction traffic cones and plastic traffic cones for more than 20 years.

One piece orange traffic cone doesn't not mean only orange is provided.  This is a type with one piece color, orange is the most commonly. So, it is also called one-piece cone.  

A whole piece is in one color, bright orange is the most selected. It is made one time by molded-injection.  PVC is the most be used material, following PE.  Many options are available for colors, sizes and weights.

Our cones are made of recyclable PVC with UV-stabilization and cannot be separated from cone and base.  At low or high temperatures, the traffic cone remains shape stable.  Our bright colors are stabilized with high resistant to color fading.  Our cones also do not contain any hazardous substances according to REACH.

Among the globe safety cone supplier, Ho Shing commits to provide the best construction traffic cones and plastic traffic cones under strict standards.