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HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Parking lot equipment

Ho Shing is a corner guard manufacturer and parking lot equipment supplier, established in 2004, makes efforts in development of parking car stopper.

A wide variation of parking lot supplies is designed to protect or guide drivers making car parking safety.  It includes parking stops, speed bumps and humps, wall protectors, corner protectors, portable protectors, wheel chocks and wheel stops, parking lot sings and stands, traffic control barricades and barriers, delineators, traffic cones, plastic wheel stop, aluminum wheel stop, PVC wheel chock, PVC corner guard, foam corner guard, car space lock and more. 

Many car collisions or pedestrians injured in the parking lot are caused by drivers drive too fast or don’t pay attention to pedestrians or they rush to pull in or out of a parking space. Using proper or sufficient parking safety devices in the parking lots and parking garages is the same important as using traffic safety products in the streets and on the roadways.  

Ho Shing highly regards parking safety devices. We have developed this series and will continue to extend products. Traffic cones, delineators, parking signs, convex mirrors are also widely used in the parking lot.  

Speed bumps are also referred to as road bumps, typically have a height ranging between 3 to 4 inches and the widths are between six inches and two feet, usually less than 1 foot. They specially are made to slow drivers down to between 2 to 5 mph. 

A speed bump has many other names, they’re known as road bumps, speed breakers, judder bars, sleeping policemen, and road turtles. A speed bump has siblings of a speed hump, speed table, speed cushion.  They’re categorized from sizes (road widths road lengths), raises (heights), slopes. 

Our plastic speed bumps are durable to load a big truck and with different dimension options, they are ideal for use in parking lots, pedestrian crossways, residential roads and driveways, and construction work zones.

Car stops 
Car blocks, car stop , wheel stop, wheel stopper, stopper, car stopper, are all purposed to slow car speed and let drivers determine a safe stopping distance. 

Parking car stoppers are made of many materials such as iron, aluminum, rubber, or plastic, even concrete.  We also provide several materials of wheel stops for choices. 

Black and yellow tone is the most common to see in the parking lots. However, other colors are optional to choice and customize.

Ho Shing is a corner guard manufacturer and parking lot equipment supplier for more than 17 years producing a wide range of high quality parking car stopper.