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HS-412-Foam corner guard


• Made of PU foam
• High absorption to impact and shocking
• Long lasting, not easy to deform
• Easy to install
• V shape recess

Enhancing Safety: Your Trusted Foam Corner Guard and Corner Protector Factory

In spaces where impact protection is crucial, a reliable foam corner guard and corner protector factory play a vital role. As a dedicated provider, our commitment extends to being your trusted source for high-quality foam corner guards and corner protectors, offering effective solutions designed to prevent damage and ensure overall safety.


Precision Craftsmanship for Impact Absorption

At the heart of our reputation as a leading foam corner guard manufacturer lies precision craftsmanship. Each foam corner guard is meticulously engineered to provide effective impact absorption, reducing the risk of damage to corners. Our commitment is to deliver products that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring reliable protection and promoting a safe environment.


Comprehensive Solutions from Our Corner Protector Factory

As a dedicated corner protector factory, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions for corner protection. Our corner protectors are crafted with precision, providing versatile options for safeguarding various surfaces. From residential spaces to industrial settings, our commitment is to deliver durable and effective corner protection solutions that cater to diverse needs.


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Material: PU foam
Size1: 6.2cm x 6.2cm x L100cm
Thickness: 1.6cm 
Recess: 4.5cm 
Color: Yellow
Fixing : adhesive type 



Suitable for many occasions, like corner pillars, table corners, bar corners in parking lot, in house, in factory and other places.


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