Professional Hard Hat Supplier and Safety Helmet Manufacturer

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Hard hats

As a hard hat supplier and safety helmet manufacturer, Ho Shing has been involved in the industrial field of safety helmet with visor for more than 17 years.

Hard hats, safety helmets, engineering hats, safety hats, vented hard hat, PE hard hat and full round hard hat are required for workers to protect heads from injuries which is caused by falling objects.  Moreover, hard hats also could protect from the impacts and electrical exposure on sides of eyes, faces and necks. 

In some places, hard hats are mandatory to wear for everyone while in workplaces; they also use colors to distinguish different tasks in work sites such as white for site managers, yellow for construction labors.  

HDPE/polyester is the mostly common material to make hard hats.  HDPE hard hats are durable to withstand hit and impact and are very affordable.

Ho Shing is a professional hard hat supplier and safety helmet manufacturer. Our various safety helmet with visor have been provided to world since 2004.