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HS-201N10-Vented hard hat


• 6 vented holes for constant air circulation
• High resistance to impact
• Short brim for better vision at height
• Y-type adjustable chinstrap for firmly support.
• Side groove to fit an earmuff
• Applicable standard of CNS1336-106, CE 397, ANSI Z89.1

Shielding Heads, Ensuring Safety: The Craft of Our Hard Hat Company

In the realm of personal protective equipment (PPE), our Hard Hat Company proudly stands as a guardian of workplace safety, providing robust and reliable hard hats that shield heads from potential hazards.


Rugged Protection, Comfortable Wear: The Hard Hat Advantage

Hard hats are more than protective gear; they are a line of defense for workers in various industries. Our Hard Hat Company excels in crafting headgear that offers rugged protection against falling objects, impacts, and electrical hazards.


Customized Solutions for Varied Industries

Recognizing the diverse needs of industries, our Hard Hat Company provides customized solutions to suit various work environments. From construction sites to manufacturing floors, our hard hats are designed to meet industry-specific safety standards and regulations.


Hard hat is also called helmet, hard helmet, safety helmet, construction helmet, and engineer helmet. 
Made in Taiwan


Material: ABS 
Harness system: Six point ratchet suspension
Color: white, yellow, blue, red, orange, and more 
Custom print: Yes on front / rear / sides



Built to protect the top of the head from falling objects or bumping into stationary objects, it is used anywhere might cause head injuries such as in factory, at construction site, during machine operation, on decorating works, in transportation and so on.

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