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HS-101-Reflective vest


• Breathable high-quality mesh
• Adjustable Velcro strap on waist
• Strong stitching
• Provides 360 degree reflective material
• Easy to put on and take off
• Machine washable

Guiding Safety in Every Stitch: Our Reflective Vest Factory

In the realm of personal safety gear, our Reflective Vest Factory stands as a beacon, dedicated to producing high-quality vests that enhance visibility and safeguard individuals in various environments.


Crafting Visibility for Protection

At the heart of our Reflective Vest Factory is a commitment to crafting visibility. Our vests are meticulously designed and manufactured to incorporate reflective materials strategically, ensuring wearers are easily visible in low-light or nighttime conditions.


Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that different industries have unique safety requirements, our Reflective Vest Factory offers customization options. From varying levels of reflectivity to specialized features, we tailor vests to meet specific needs.


Innovation Illuminating the Future of Safety Wear

Innovation is embedded in the ethos of our Reflective Vest Factory. Embracing modern materials, cutting-edge designs, and smart technologies, we strive to illuminate the future of safety wear.


Belong to traffic safety clothing of PPE. 
Reflective vest, hi-visible vest, hi-vis vest, safety vest  


Material: Polyester mesh 
Size: One size 
Color: variety of colors 
Reflective band: 3 strips / 5cmH 
*Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.



Ideal for general purpose. The design looks formal like a suit, so commonly see the police, security guard, safety controller, airport police.

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