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HS-104-Reflective vest


• Hook and loop closure on waist
• Provides V-shaped reflective strips
• Easy to put on and take off
• Breathable and comfortable
• Machine washable

Visible Excellence: Your Trusted Hi-Vis Vest Supplier

In the landscape of workplace safety, our Hi-Vis Vest Supplier stands as a reliable partner, dedicated to providing high-quality vests that prioritize visibility, comfort, and compliance.


Excellence in Visibility, Unmatched Quality

Our Hi-Vis Vest Supplier is committed to providing vests that excel in visibility. Crafted with precision and incorporating high-visibility materials strategically, our vests ensure wearers are easily seen in low-light or high-risk conditions.


Compliance and Customization for Varied Needs

Our Hi-Vis Vest Supplier recognizes the diverse safety requirements across industries. We ensure compliance with industry standards while offering customization options to meet specific needs.


Dedication to Reliable Supply and Support

As a trusted Hi-Vis Vest Supplier, our dedication extends beyond delivering products. We prioritize reliable supply chains to ensure that your safety needs are consistently met.


Belong to traffic safety clothing of PPE. 
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Material: Polyester mesh 
Size: One size 
Color: variety of colors 
Reflective band: V strips / 5cmH 

*Actual product may vary due to product enhancement



Ideal for general purpose. Recommended for those working at construction sites, security guards, railway maintenance workers in hot, bad air circulation circumstances, and those who are jogging or walking at night.

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