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HS-103-Reflective vest


• Breathable high-quality mesh
• Velcro for quick on and off
• Strong stitching
• Simple storing in bags for using on requirement
• Machine washable

Illuminating Safety: Your Hi-Vis Vest Manufacturer

In the realm of high-visibility safety wear, our Hi-Vis Vest Manufacturer proudly stands as a leading source, dedicated to crafting vests that prioritize visibility, durability, and wearer comfort.


Precision in Visibility, Excellence in Craftsmanship

At the core of our Hi-Vis Vest Manufacturer's ethos is a commitment to precision engineering that enhances visibility. Each hi-vis vest is meticulously crafted, incorporating high-visibility materials strategically placed for optimal effect.


Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

Recognizing the diverse safety needs across industries, our Hi-Vis Vest Manufacturer offers customization options. From variations in reflective striping to specialized features, our vests can be tailored to meet specific industry standards and address unique safety concerns.


Innovation at the Intersection of Safety and Comfort

Innovation is woven into our Hi-Vis Vest Manufacturer's approach. We embrace modern materials, cutting-edge designs, and ergonomic features to ensure wearer comfort without compromising safety.


Belong to traffic safety clothing of PPE. 
Reflective vest, hi-visible vest, hi-vis vest, safety vest 


Material: Polyester mesh 
Size: One size 
Color: variety of colors 
Reflective band : 2 strips or 3 strips / 5cmH 
*Actual product may vary due to product enhancement



Ideal for general purpose. Commonly used for people are working in outdoor utility, construction workers, emergency workers, parking attendants, firepersons, security guards and more.

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