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HS-427-Life Jacket with Whistle


• Easy and quick inflation
• With whistle
• 2pcs Nylon strings to adjust fitting
• Light weight and comfortable
• Easy to put on and off
• Reusable, washable, air dry and repack

Promoting Safety at Sea: Trusted Life Jacket Manufacturer

In the realm of maritime safety, a reliable life jacket manufacturer is paramount for safeguarding lives on the water. As a committed provider, our dedication extends to being a trusted life jacket manufacturer, offering high-quality, buoyant solutions designed to meet the rigorous standards of safety and rescue operations.


Innovative Design for Optimal Buoyancy and Comfort

At the heart of our reputation as a leading life jacket manufacturer is a focus on innovative design. Our life jackets are meticulously engineered to provide optimal buoyancy while ensuring wearer comfort. From adjustable straps to lightweight materials, our commitment is to deliver life-saving equipment that doesn't compromise on ease of movement, promoting both safety and comfort.


Stringent Quality Standards for Reliable Performance

Compliance with international safety standards is non-negotiable in our role as a life jacket manufacturer. Each life jacket undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds industry regulations. Our commitment to quality extends beyond compliance, aiming to provide reliable performance in diverse water conditions.


Lifesaving jacket, Life vest, Lifesaving vest. It is necessary for water activities


Material: Outer / Nylon, Inter / Polystyrene
Size: one size 
Color: Orange
Buoyancy: 7.5KGS



For activities concerning water danger like boating, fishing, sailing, kayaking, surfing, paddling, and swimming

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