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HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-429-Protective goggle


• 99% UV protection
• High impact resistant polycarbonate
• Side frame with vented design
• anti-scratch coating
• Comfortable fit to nose and ears
• Can use with mask and glasses

Clear Vision, Optimal Protection: Your Trusted Protective Goggle Manufacturer

In environments where eye safety is paramount, a reliable protective goggle manufacturer plays a crucial role. As a dedicated provider, our commitment extends to being your trusted protective goggle manufacturer, offering high-quality, durable goggles designed to provide clear vision and optimal protection in various settings.


Precision Engineering for Unmatched Safety

At the core of our reputation as a leading protective goggle manufacturer lies precision engineering. Each goggle is meticulously crafted to provide a secure fit, creating a barrier against potential hazards without compromising comfort. Our commitment is to deliver products that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring unmatched safety for the eyes in diverse work and recreational environments.


Comfort and Durability for Prolonged Use

We recognize the importance of comfort, especially during extended wear. As your dedicated protective goggle manufacturer, we prioritize the use of comfortable materials without sacrificing durability. Our goggles are designed to withstand daily use while offering the protection needed for a range of activities.


Goggle, Safety goggle, Safety glasses, Safety spectacle, Protection eyewear, Anti fog goggles, Dust-proof glasses Wind-proof. 


Material: Polycarbonate
Size: one size
Color: Clear, gray lens / coffee frame. 
* Storage case not included.



Goggles protect the eyes from dust and other particulates. This style is for casual use, ideal for wind, dust, virus and sun protection, can be adopt to prescription glasses

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