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HS-115-Knee pad


• Hard caps are riveted in place
• Foam padding to absorb impact
• Easy and quick hook-and-loop closures
• Adjustable straps
• High quality polyester fabric cover

Supporting Mobility: Your Premier Knee Pad Manufacturer

In the realm of protective gear, a reliable knee pad manufacturer is indispensable for ensuring comfort and safety during various activities. As a dedicated provider, our commitment extends to being your premier knee pad manufacturer, offering high-quality, durable knee pads designed to protect and support while promoting ease of movement.


Innovative Design for Enhanced Protection

At the heart of our reputation as a leading knee pad manufacturer lies innovative design. Each knee pad is meticulously crafted to provide optimal protection to the knee joint, safeguarding against impacts and stress. Our commitment is to deliver products that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring that wearers can engage in their activities with confidence and protection.


Comfort and Durability for Active Lifestyles

We understand the importance of comfort during prolonged use. As your trusted knee pad manufacturer, we prioritize the use of comfortable materials without compromising durability. Whether for sports, work, or everyday activities, our knee pads are designed to withstand wear and tear while offering the support needed for an active and injury-free lifestyle.


Knee pad or kneepad is worn to reduce injuries from falling impact or hit by hard obstacles.  


Material: Polypropylene cap, polyester fabric
Closure style: Hook and Loop
Color: Red with black cap, Black with white cap



It is used to protect knees while working with contact of hard, rough and even rocky surfaces. For sports protection, it is also very helpful.

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