Professional Safety Belt Manufacturer and Safety Netting Supplier

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Life saving gears

We are a Taiwan professional safety belt manufacturer and safety netting supplier focusing on design, development and production. Such as life saving gear, safety harness with lanyard, lifebuoy ring, life jacket with whistle, self-retracting lifeline, rebar cap.

Employers need to require or mandate employees to put on safety devices for protection during working times when they might expose in the environment where might cause them injuries. 

Protection devices for head, ears, eyes, hands, bodies protection are crucial requirement is generally called for personal protective equipment (PPE), in addition, lifesaving equipment of body harness, fall safety net, fall arrest lanyards to save from falling and so on are also in the demand of work safety. 

The option for safety protection is checked by your occupational safety regulations and work environment. Do not feel troublesome wearing protection products and lifesaving products in workplaces.

Ho Shing is a safety belt manufacturer and safety netting supplier. All life saving gears are produced under strict standards.