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Safety belt


• Safety belt with the rope
• Rope length can vary for demand.
• Waist pocket for tools storage
• Chrome plated hooks, buckle and D-ring
• Can adopt to safety harness

Trusted safety belt supplier providing reliable solutions with nylon belt and nylon rope materials. Prioritize safety with our high-quality and durable belts.

Safety belt, fall protection, climbing safety, safety belt band, rescue rope, construction safety belt, electrician safety belt. 
HS-417A belt with rope
HS-417B belt with webbing


Material: Nylon belt and nylon rope 
Length: Belt 50mm x 1.2M, rope 14mm x 1.5M / 3M
Lock hook: 2pcs optional for big/medium/small
Color: Yellow belt 



It is used to protect knees while working with contact of hard, rough and even rocky surfaces. For sports protection, it is also very helpful.

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