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HS-202N05-Full round hard hat


• High quality ABS
• High durable to vertical impact
• Good electrical Insulation
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Japanese style, short brim and full round shape
• Applicable standard of CNS1336-106, CE 397, ANSI Z89.1

Securing Every Head: Your Trusted Safety Helmet Supplier

In the realm of workplace safety, our Safety Helmet Supplier stands as a reliable partner, dedicated to providing top-tier safety helmets that prioritize protection, comfort, and compliance.


Robust Protection, Trusted Source

Our Safety Helmet Supplier prides itself on delivering safety helmets that offer robust protection against head injuries in various occupational settings. As your trusted source, we prioritize the safety and security of every individual who relies on our helmets for protection.


Tailored Solutions for Your Safety Needs

As a Safety Helmet Supplier, we understand that different industries have unique safety requirements. Our range of helmets includes options for customization, from color choices to branding possibilities.


Innovation at the Core of Safety

Innovation is the heartbeat of our Safety Helmet Supplier. Embracing modern materials, cutting-edge technologies, and forward-thinking designs, we stay at the forefront of safety gear evolution.


Hard hat is also called helmet, hard helmet, safety helmet, construction helmet, and engineer helmet. 
Made in Taiwan


Material: ABS 
Harness system: Six point ratchet suspension
Color: white, yellow, blue, red, orange, and more 
Custom print: Yes on front / rear / sides



Built to protect the top of the head from falling objects or bumping into stationary objects, it is used anywhere might cause head injuries such as in factory, at construction site, during machine operation, on decorating works, in transportation and so on.

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