Solar Cone Lights for Sustainable Illumination Solutions

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-516A -Solar traffic cone lights


• Solar powered, with a solar panel.
• A long handle easy to install and hold.
• Automatically lights on at night /off on the day.
• Super bright LED bulbs.
• Flashing frequency 65 cycles per minute
• Light visual distance of 500m in the dark.
• Visible Angle: 360 rotary degrees
• A hanging design on top and bottom
• Traffic cone made in Taiwan

Illuminating Safety: Solar Traffic Cone Lights in Traffic Management

As urban spaces continue to evolve, the need for innovative solutions in traffic management becomes increasingly apparent. Enter the era of solar traffic cone lights, a beacon of safety in the modern cityscape.


Harnessing Solar Energy for Roadway Safety: The Advantages of Solar Cone Lights

The conventional traffic cone gets a futuristic upgrade with the integration of solar cone lights. These devices are not just about illumination; they represent a paradigm shift towards eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for road safety.


Brightening the Future of Traffic Control: Solar Cone Lights in Action

Picture a busy intersection after sunset – traditional cones fading into the darkness. Now, envision the same scenario transformed by the radiance of solar cone lights. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond mere functionality; it encompasses a vision of safer, smarter cities.


Handheld Emergency Strobe Warning Light, just insert into cone holes for usage. 
Traffic cone made in Taiwan 


Material: PC housing, ABS handle
Power: Solar powered, rechargeable type
Bulb: 4pcs LED bulbs 
Voltage: 1.2 Volts
Color: Red or orange
Optional accessory: L shape mounted metal plate 
Place of origin: Made in Taiwan



Handheld type perfectly to fit in traffic cones, assist traffic cone for purpose of barricade and warning. Also it can be seated a sleeve and column on constructions, crane towers, trucks, gardens and houses for light warning in the darkness.


HS-517 Magnetic warning light made in Taiwan

Traffic cone light housing is made on injection-molding machine



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