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HS-820-Solar road stud


• Solar power, rechargeable
• High visibility in nighttime
• Super bright LED lights
• Durability to vehicle hit and run-overs
• High resistant impact
• Withstand harsh whether
• Long-term nighttime visibility

Illuminating Roads: The Solar Road Stud Factory's Radiance

In the realm of road safety innovation, our Solar Road Stud Factory stands as a beacon of brilliance, harnessing the power of solar technology to illuminate and safeguard roads globally.


Innovative Solar-Powered Precision

At the Solar Road Stud Factory, innovation takes center stage, driven by the integration of cutting-edge solar technology. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure the production of road studs that harness solar power, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to enhance road visibility.


Quality Assurance in Every Glowing Step

Quality is not just a measure but a commitment at the Solar Road Stud Factory. Every solar road stud undergoes stringent quality assurance, ensuring durability and reliability in diverse environmental conditions.


Solar LED reflective road stud, solar road reflector, road pavement marker, raised road marker, street pavement marker, pavement reflector, asphalt stud markers…. 


Shell material: Tempered glass transparent 
Power: Solar, using a solar panel
Light: LED, 4pcs can reflect 90°, 6pcs for 360°
Size: ∅ 10cm x 5.5cm
Storage Battery: Ni-MH battery 1.2V 1.2AH 
Flashing: 300 times per minute±15%
Durable temperature:-20°C ~ +70°C。 
Waterproof: IP68
Loading: 27 tons 
Light color: Red / yellow  



Used to guide drivers judge where to turn and change alignment s of driveway at blind corners, sharp bends, road alignments, road ends, multi-ways roads, bikeways, sideways, pedestrian crossings and etc. With the reflection of car’s headlights by road studs, help drivers to identify road conditions and alignment in darkness.

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