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HS-820-Solar road stud


• Solar power, rechargeable
• High visibility in nighttime
• Super bright LED lights
• Durability to vehicle hit and run-overs
• High resistant impact
• Withstand harsh whether
• Long-term nighttime visibility

Premier solar road stud factory specializing in LED lights for enhanced visibility and safety. Illuminate your path with our reliable and energy-efficient solutions.

Solar LED reflective road stud, solar road reflector, road pavement marker, raised road marker, street pavement marker, pavement reflector, asphalt stud markers…. 


Shell material: Tempered glass transparent 
Power: Solar, using a solar panel
Light: LED, 4pcs can reflect 90°, 6pcs for 360°
Size: ∅ 10cm x 5.5cm
Storage Battery: Ni-MH battery 1.2V 1.2AH 
Flashing: 300 times per minute±15%
Durable temperature:-20°C ~ +70°C。 
Waterproof: IP68
Loading: 27 tons 
Light color: Red / yellow  



Used to guide drivers judge where to turn and change alignment s of driveway at blind corners, sharp bends, road alignments, road ends, multi-ways roads, bikeways, sideways, pedestrian crossings and etc. With the reflection of car’s headlights by road studs, help drivers to identify road conditions and alignment in darkness.

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