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HS-SL001-Solar LED sign lights


• Solar power, automatically recharge
• Flash all day long
• Wireless Activation
• Super bright Led light
• Lights get receiver’s quicker attention
• As a signal and warning light simultaneously
• Enhance safety in challenging environments.

Solar-Powered Signs: Harnessing Energy for Enhanced Visibility

In the ever-evolving landscape of road signage, solar-powered signs stand as shining examples of sustainable innovation, harnessing the power of the sun to illuminate messages and enhance visibility.


Sustainable Illumination for Road Information

Solar-powered signs utilize photovoltaic cells to capture sunlight and convert it into energy, powering LEDs that illuminate messages, symbols, or warnings. This sustainable approach ensures that crucial information remains visible even in areas without traditional power sources.


Versatility and Adaptability in Signage Solutions

The versatility of solar-powered signs extends to various applications and settings. Whether guiding traffic in remote locations, marking construction zones, or displaying critical information in urban areas, these signs adapt to diverse environments.


Signs are made with LED and solar power panel
Made in Taiwan


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All places where need to effect safety guidance and direction indicator, LED signs are recommended to use in the situations of visibility at night is comparatively poor and on wide roads.

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