Stop Sign Company in Taiwan - Ensuring Traffic Safety

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-SP001-Stop sign


• Can follow local regulatory rules
• Pre-punched mounting holes
• Durable aluminum not easily rust
• High visible reflective sheeting
• High grade inking, resistant to color fading.
• Long lasting for years of outdoor applications
• A variety of selections for supportive accessories.

Halting Hazards: The Signature of Our Stop Sign Company

In the realm of traffic control and safety, our Stop Sign Company proudly stands as a stalwart guardian, providing authoritative and standardized stop signs that command attention and ensure road safety.


Commanding Attention: The Stop Sign Authority

Stop signs are more than red octagons; they are authoritative directives that demand immediate attention. Our Stop Sign Company excels in crafting signs that stand out, commanding respect and adherence to traffic regulations.


Innovation in Traffic Management

As a pioneering Stop Sign Company, innovation is ingrained in our approach to traffic management. We continuously explore modern materials, reflective coatings, and digital integration to enhance visibility and efficacy.


Customize by regulations and rules for client’s individual market. 


Material: Aluminum plate, plastic 
Size: Standard, or assigned shapes and sizes
Sign post: optional 
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Signage to ban doing anything described on the signs. Need to follow compliances ruled by local authorities.

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