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HS-813-2-Reflective barrier marker


• Mounted on the top or side of a guardrails or a barrier.
• N shape bracket, single or double sided reflector
• Bracket and reflector bonded strongly
• High and wide visibility in nighttime
• Easily installed and dismantled
• Withstand harsh weather
• Long-term nighttime visibility

Guardrail Markers: Navigational Signposts for Road Safety

In the intricate network of road safety infrastructure, guardrail markers emerge as silent navigators, providing crucial guidance for drivers and enhancing overall safety along highways and thoroughfares.


Defining Boundaries with Precision

Guardrail markers serve as precision tools, defining the boundaries of roads and guiding drivers through various conditions. Whether on winding roads, bridges, or urban highways, these markers act as visual signposts, ensuring a clear and consistent path for drivers.


Versatility in Application

The versatility of guardrail markers is a hallmark of their effectiveness in diverse environments. From temporary construction zones to permanent installations along highways, these markers adapt to different settings and conditions.


Innovation for Improved Navigation

The evolution of guardrail markers reflects a commitment to innovation in the field of road safety. Modern markers often incorporate advanced materials and designs for improved visibility.


Known as guardrail reflector, guardrail marker, road reflective marker, road reflector, barrier marker, barrier reflector, barrier delineator 


Overall Size: 12W x 11H CM
Reflector: ∅ 10cm
Bracket material: N shape, galvanized steel or stainless steel 
Reflector material: Acrylic / single side or dual sides
Color: dual Red / dual Yellow / Red & Yellow 



Usually this device is mounted on guardrail,bridge rail and delineator providing effective guidance for a variety of road alignments like road bends, curves, ends, road reduction, and road boarder at night. It also work with barricade for warning assistance.

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