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Reflective barrier marker


• Mounted on the top or side of a guardrails or a barrier.
• N shape bracket, single or double sided reflector
• Bracket and reflector bonded strongly
• High and wide visibility in nighttime
• Easily installed and dismantled
• Withstand harsh weather
• Long-term nighttime visibility

Efficient guardrail markers with an overall size of 12W x 11H CM. Enhance road safety with our compact and durable solutions.

Known as guardrail reflector, guardrail marker, road reflective marker, road reflector, barrier marker, barrier reflector, barrier delineator 


Overall Size: 12W x 11H CM
Reflector: ∅ 10cm
Bracket material: N shape, galvanized steel or stainless steel 
Reflector material: Acrylic / single side or dual sides
Color: dual Red / dual Yellow / Red & Yellow 



Usually this device is mounted on guardrail,bridge rail and delineator providing effective guidance for a variety of road alignments like road bends, curves, ends, road reduction, and road boarder at night. It also work with barricade for warning assistance.

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