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HS-824-Reflective road studs


• Bolted down installation
• Acrylic light reflection
• High visibility in nighttime
• Durability to vehicle hit and run-overs
• Withstand harsh weather
• Long-term nighttime visibility

Illuminating Road Safety: The Essence of Road Studs

In the quest for enhanced road safety, road studs emerge as silent sentinels, providing a luminous guide for drivers and pedestrians alike. These unassuming devices play a pivotal role in delineating lanes, marking critical points, and ensuring visibility in various road conditions, contributing significantly to safer journeys.


Diverse Applications, Singular Purpose

Versatility is a hallmark of road studs, with applications spanning a spectrum of road types and infrastructure. Whether employed to highlight pedestrian crossings, signal upcoming curves, or delineate traffic lanes, road studs adapt to diverse settings with a singular purpose – enhancing safety.


Innovation and Evolution in Road Safety

The evolution of road studs reflects a commitment to innovation in the realm of road safety. Modern road studs leverage advanced materials and technologies, including solar-powered illumination and durable constructions.


Reflective road stud also is called for road stud, cat’s eye, road reflector, road pavement marker, raised road marker, street pavement marker, pavement reflector, asphalt stud markers…. 


Shell material: Aluminum alloy
Reflector material: Acrylic
Size: 13cm x 10cm
Reflector color: Red & White / dual yellow  



Used to guide drivers judge where to turn and change alignment s of driveway at blind corners, sharp bends, road alignments, road ends, multi-ways roads, bikeways, sideways, pedestrian crossings and etc. With the reflection of car’s headlights by road studs, help drivers to identify road conditions and alignment in darkness.

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