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Reflective barrier marker


• Mounted on the top or side of a guardrails or a barrier.
• Flat side design
• High and wide visibility in nighttime
• Easily installed and dismantled
• Withstand harsh weather
• Long-term nighttime visibility

High-quality barrier reflector with PE or PU shell material for durability. Enhance safety and visibility with our reliable and resilient solutions.

Known as guardrail reflector, guardrail marker, road reflective marker, road reflector, barrier marker, barrier reflector, barrier delineator 

Overall Size: 20.5CM*13.8CM
Reflector: ∅ 10cm
Shell material: PE or PU
Reflector material: Acrylic or reflective sheeting 
Color: dual Red / dual Yellow / Red & Yellow 



Usually this device is mounted on guardrail,bridge rail and delineator providing effective guidance for a variety of road alignments like road bends, curves, ends, road reduction, and road boarder at night. It also work with barricade for warning assistance.

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