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HS-300PC-Convex mirror


• Convex type mirror, a wide field of vision
• PC mirror face, PP backboard
• High impact and shock resistance
• Wall mount / Ceiling mount
• Low maintenance

Innovative Manufacturing for Safety Solutions

As a pioneering Convex Safety Mirror Factory, innovation is woven into the fabric of our manufacturing processes. Our state-of-the-art facilities leverage advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship to produce safety mirrors that go beyond conventional standards.


Quality Assurance at Every Curve

Our Convex Safety Mirror Factory dedication to quality ensures that each convex safety mirror leaving our production line is not just a product; it's a guarantee of reliability, durability, and optimal performance in enhancing safety across a spectrum of environments.


Global Impact, Local Expertise

From bustling urban areas to remote industrial sites, our factory's products carry the mark of Taiwanese precision, contributing to safety solutions that transcend borders. The Convex Safety Mirror Factory stands tall, reflecting a commitment to safety that echoes across the world.


Indoor convex mirror / convex observation Mirrors / convex surveillance mirror / safety mirror / security mirror  
Indoor type, PC mirror face. 


Mirror face: PC (POLYCARBONATE), Ø300mm, Radius R650m/m
Mounting way: on Wall or on Ceiling 
*Not include installation accessories, but optional to buy
*PDF data sheet available



Idea for indoor usage for surveillance, security and workplace safety, used in internal parking lot, supermarkets, warehouses, security work zones, entrance halls, blind spots in facilities, intersections in corridors.

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