Versatile LED Arrow Boards for Dynamic Traffic Control Solutions

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-508-LED arrow boards


• WIFI remote control up to 30meter
• 9 display modes
• Assemble for any type of truck
• Controller charges from vehicle lighter
• High bright LED lights
• simple to replace component parts
• High durability, very less maintenance
• Robust construction, waterproof and resistant to shock

Guiding the Way: LED Arrow Boards for Clear Traffic Direction

As your trusted supplier of safety solutions, we present LED arrow boards that go beyond mere signaling; they are advanced tools designed to ensure seamless traffic direction and enhance overall safety on the roads.


Dynamic Traffic Guidance: The Essence of Our LED Arrow Boards

Our LED arrow boards epitomize dynamic traffic guidance, offering a clear and visible means of directing vehicles through changing road conditions. Crafted with cutting-edge LED technology, these boards provide high visibility, ensuring that motorists receive timely and accurate directional information.


Versatile Applications: LED Arrow Boards for Every Traffic Scenario

The versatility of our LED arrow boards extends across a spectrum of applications. Whether you need compact, portable boards for temporary traffic management or robust, weather-resistant boards for long-term deployment, our range caters to diverse requirements.


Precision in Design: Manufacturing Quality LED Arrow Boards

As a manufacturer specializing in safety solutions, our LED arrow boards undergo meticulous design and precision engineering. From durable construction to user-friendly controls for quick deployment, our boards are crafted for longevity and ease of use.


This light board is mounted on heavy duty vehicles for warning cars or pedestrian behind, also on frame to place where needs warning. 
HS-508A : with lamp ring
HS-508B : without lamp ring 


Size: 75cm x 150cm 
Display: 9 modes 
Front panel: 1.0mm galvanized sheet, black paint coating
Back panel: 1.0mm galvanized sheet
Led light: 25 pcs bulbs
Color: amber / yellow 
Waterproof : IP65 
Controller : a display controller box, cables 
Optional accessory: wheeled steel frame, remote controller 



Used in the cases of needing warning instruction for the direction and dangers. Installed on the trucks to indicate drivers and pedestrians they’re approaching to a big vehicle and keep safe distance.

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