Powerful Roof-Top LED Light Bars for Superior Visibility Solutions

HO Shing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd.

HS-529-Roof top Led light bar


• High bright LED lights
• Simple to mount on the roof of vehicle
• Strong light beam for visibility of 360 degrees
• A continuously changing light pattern
• Watertight construction for resisting bad weather

Lighting the Way: Unleash Visibility with Our Roof-Top LED Light Bars

In the world of vehicle safety and functionality, a roof-top LED light bar stands as a beacon of illumination, ensuring optimal visibility in various scenarios.


High-Intensity Brilliance: The Essence of Our Roof-Top LED Light Bars

Our roof-top LED light bars epitomize high-intensity brilliance, providing a commanding presence in low-light conditions or emergencies. Engineered for optimal brightness and energy efficiency, these light bars are designed to illuminate the road ahead with unparalleled clarity.


Versatility in Applications: Roof-Top LED Light Bars for Every Need

The versatility of our roof-top LED light bars extends across a spectrum of applications. Whether you need a sleek, discreet design for everyday use or a robust, multi-functional light bar for emergency response vehicles, our range caters to diverse requirements.


Precision in Design: Manufacturing Quality Roof-Top LED Light Bars

As a manufacturer specializing in safety solutions, our roof-top LED light bars undergo meticulous design and precision engineering. From durable casings to advanced optics for focused light distribution, our light bars are crafted for longevity and consistent performance.


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Shell Material: Plastic
Light type: LED 
Light color: Amber 
Voltage: 12V
Size: 120L CM x 32W CM x 23H CM


This device is widely used for trucks, trailers, and other heavy duty vehicles.

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