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HS-303-LED traffic baton light


• Super bright Led lights
• High visibility in nighttime
• Visible range 200 meters
• Laminated an orange film inside the tube
• Impact resistant PC tube
• LED length 30cm,
• Water resistant
• Non-slip handle with a strap, a belt clip

As a LED traffic baton supplier, we offer reliable products crafted with durable PC tube material.

Baton, Baton light, Baton warning light, traffic baton, traffic control baton, traffic control wand, it is a handheld warning light.


Tube material: PC 
Handle material: non-slip plastic
Battery: 2pcs D size battery (not included)
Overall size:  Ø 4.5cm x L 54cm
Led flash color: Red, white on end 
Light mode: Flash-Steady
Color: black handle and orange Led Tube 



Traffic Batons are used for directing vehicles and pedestrians at airports, parking lots, events, concerts, and emergency situations. Not only suitable for police, security guards and other working circumstances.  It is recommended to have one in your car, at your home for emergency, foggiest and darkness situations.

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